Rebecca & David Leibowitz

David was born in Washington DC. At a very young age he moved to Conneticut where he grew up with his family till University. He graduated in physics and, after University, David moved to Italy to teach physics and maths at the American school of Milan. His passion for wine, the outdoors and his desire to have a real link with the food he eats and the nature around him pushed him to get a tour operator degree in Turin and opening his first tour operator agency: AINI.

Rebecca was born in Milan. Her mother is originally from Dolomites region while her father is from Piedmont and Sicily, so she had the good fortune of discovering this magnificent country at a young age. She studied Classic Studies at the University of Milan, but her love for Glottology and Semitic Philology, brought her to Israel, where she deepened her knowledge of Biblical Hebrew at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and she decided to make alyah.

During a summer vacation in Italy, Rebecca's meeting with David in Milan, changed deeply her life: the best shudduch ever!

She couldn't believe how much the Connecticut native knew of her land of origin, Italy. So much to explore in such a short distance, the great diversity of culture, history, art, language/dialect, eno-gastronomy, and natural beauty of Italy. Rebecca was intrigued, 'How came this Yankee knows more about my homeland than I do?' she thought... the rest is history: Adventures in Northern Italy directors Rebecca and David have since then been busy uncovering the incredible splendors of the Italian North.